We Provide the Tools to Help Independent Insurance Agents Succeed

What We Do

As a Master Agency for SIAA, ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. offers an independent insurance agency network that is joined by local independent agencies, direct writers, captive agents, producers, life, health and financial services agents who want to become Independent Strategic Members (ISM’s) of the Master Agency Network while developing a growing business entity. As a true business owner, the value of your agency is greatly increased beyond the value of the annual commission income you generate. ICA has developed very comprehensive and fully supported programs to help member agencies realize the success they have dreamed about when starting in the insurance agency business.

Build A Better You

ICA provides the management foundation, the highest level of income from multiple channels, web and mobile-based marketing programs, sales training for both owners and producers, insurance education for owners/producers and staff, as well as lead generation and insurance markets needed by the ISM to become a true independent Business Owner. Member Agencies of ICA have completed hundreds of course offerings and are also selling as much as 30% more in their written premium volumes per year.

How It Works

One of many benefits offered by joining our alliance is that we have an extensive and committed Agent Digital and Marketing department that will put a website together for you and incorporate any social media account you may have along with making sure you are connected to our blogs. This is all at no cost to you and designed to increase the amount of traffic to your agency, therefore, helping you to build your million dollar plus independent agency. Another important benefit that you have joining ICA/SIAA is that you truly own 100% of your book of business. No other group can offer this to you!

Benefits of Joining

As a master agency of SIAA and the largest Independent Insurance Agents group, we have access to the best markets, and we value our relationships with all our partner carriers. Together you have the ability to become a true insurance professional. With higher commissions, additional compensation, and profit-sharing, we will help you to reach your financial success and goals as your own Independent Insurance Agent. Contact us today, and we will be happy to discuss this with you further.
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